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Hackiversity Podcast

May 24, 2017

Gret Glyer (@gretglyer) graduated from Grove City College in 2012 with a degree in Entrepreneurship after transferring from Christopher Newport University. At just 27 years old, Gret is an entrepreneur, startup founder, and philanthropist. 

Immediately after graduation, Gret worked for Enterprise-Rent-A-Car, where he advanced so quickly that the company changed its bylaws to prevent others from advancing as fast. After only a year, Gret tired of Corporate America and took a risk by leaving Enterprise, a stable job with a promising future.

Upon leaving, Gret moved to Malawi, Africa to tackle poverty alleviation. In less than 2 years from graduating college, Gret founded HOWMs, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that builds houses in Malawi. If that’s not enough, Gret crowdsourced $100k+ to build an all-girls school in Malawi through a brilliant YouTube campaign. Today, after raising money from investors, Gret is confronting world poverty head-on through the tech startup he founded, DonorSee

In this episode, Gret and I discuss his story and a ton of actionable items, including:

  • How to graduate with a 2.8 GPA and found a world-changing tech startup without a tech background
  • Why “getting in the game” is the best advice for an entrepreneur
  • How to crowdfund $100,000+ using YouTube
  • How to stand out, conquer fear, and thrive as a result
  • How to fail effectively and why it matters
  • How to limit distractions
  • Why interning/working is the best way to develop self-awareness
  • How to effectively take risks and why not to play it safe
  • How to identify the point of diminishing returns and move on from a job or internship
  • How to transfer college and make friends
  • The value of “small wins”
  • The pros/cons of attending a small college

Gret’s “tweetable” advice for college students: “If the only thing holding you back is fear, you have to do it.” 

I’m so excited about Gret’s work that I have partnered with him. Together, we are offering students a free trip to Malawi to hang with Gret and immerse themselves in poverty alleviation, economic policy, and entrepreneurship. Here’s how you can win. Plus, 100% of every book I sell during the contest period goes straight to HOWMs. My goal is to fund the construction of 100 houses. 

To follow Gret, check out his homepage, Tweet him, or download DonorSee.

PS. Here's my bike-across-America video, which explains how I first met Gret.